Genaral Garage


All vintage Vespa, Lambrette and vintage cars (Fiat 500 vintage, Citroen Mehari and 2 Cavalli Charlestone) that Vintage Tours rents are completely restored.

The Vespa have a manual gearbox, clutch, rear pedal brake and are powered by a mixture (petrol + oil) from 2% to 4% depending on the model.

The vintage Fiat 500, Citroen Mehari and 2 Cavalli Charlestone have the gearbox with the pedal clutch (like modern cars with manual transmission) and are all convertible, or with the sunroof.

For the most trained cyclists we offer Mountain Bikes, while for those who want to work less, we have Ebikes.

You can see the characteristics of our vehicles by visiting the dedicated pages.

VINTAGE TOURS does not recommend the rental of vintage Vespas and Lambrettes to those who have never practiced this guide.

For the less experienced we rent modern Vespa Scooters, with automatic transmission, more comfortable and easy to drive.

We remind you to always have a relaxing pace, to admire with greater relaxation the breathtaking views that you will encounter along your way.

Use your day to enjoy what Tuscany and Umbria offer you without running, you are on holiday!

Have respect and care for our Vespa, Lambretta, vintage Fiat 500, Citroen Mehari and 2 Cavalli Charlestone… are of a certain age!!!!