Conditions Rental

The Vintage Tours allows you to choose the means to hire for your vintage tour in Tuscany.
You can admire and choose our means in the Garage section.
We hire vintage Vespas and Lambretta for two people (125 cc and 150 cc), rent Vespas and scooters (125cc) and Vintage car for 4 people.
o be able to rent from us, we need a proof of identity (valid), a valid driver’s license and a credit card guarantee (not prepaid) or
cash deposit of 500 euro. 

If you do not have residency in Italy, we advise you to check if you need an International driving license. Click here! .

We suggest that you wear closed shoes and long trousers. We recommend you reserve your vehicle in advance of the date chosen.
To reserve the rental or tour pleases a 50% deposit by credit card, bank transfer or pay pal (see the contact page).
The payment of the service is anticipated, and we accept payment by cash, bank transfer, credit card (Am Ex, Visa, Diners).


In the rental cost, they include the following accessories supplied on use of loan: Helmet driver Helmet passenger Under helmet hygienic head scarf, Map, unlimited mileage, anti-rain jacket, backpack, gloves, lock and Walkie Talkie groups


We can also take delivery / pickup at your facility, we organize personalized tours or Vespa Vintage car even for large groups with the support of our staff.
We can organize for your company and incentive day out, we work for film productions, shooting and weddings.
We are happy to help in organizing stag or hen parties.
We organize a Vespa tour and exclusive car for couples, small groups and large groups, with our support staff, in the desired language.
We are willing to build a Vespa tour, or auto, multi-day travel, helping to build the best possible route, considering the days you have available.
We have for you to rent the Go Pro, original Vespa helmets, as well as numerous gadgets for sale in our shop.


Our cancellation policy does not provide refunds for cancellations within 3 days from the service, unless rain. In this case we will take as a reference Lamma Weather (find the link on our homepage). It ‘expected a refund of 50% for cancellations within 10 days from the rental or tour. Cancellations prior, the amount of your refund.